Our mission

The goal of the Stand With Crypto Alliance is to mobilize the 52 million American crypto owners into a powerful force.


Americans own crypto


Believe the financial system needs updating


Will not back anti-crypto candidates

Nearly nine in ten Americans believe the financial system is overdue for an update. Yet, US policymakers seem content on maintaining the status quo, rather than fulfilling their responsibilities. This inaction places our nation at risk of losing millions of jobs, and driving innovation and global leadership offshore.

The Stand With Crypto Alliance, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, champions for clear, common-sense regulations for the crypto industry. We're mobilizing the 52 million crypto owners in the US - a demographic that is younger (60% Gen-Z and Millennials) and more diverse (41% identify as racial minorities) than the general US population - to unlock crypto's innovation potential and foster greater economic freedom.

Enough is enough. It's time for our policymakers to step up, embrace the future, and enact clear rules for crypto to thrive.

America needs crypto

Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, aren't just digital tokens; they are the new wave of blockchain technology, paving the way for the internet's third generation: web3. It's imperative that America not only contributes to this evolution, but also ensures its citizens can harness its potential.

Crypto creates jobs

Keeping crypto innovation in America will:

  • Secure 4 million jobs over the next 7 years, by preventing the shift of web3 development overseas.
  • Boost America's share of web3 developers, by attracting and retaining talent to reverse the current decline and surpass our previous 40% mark.

Crypto drives American innovation

While 130 countries (98% of the global economy) are exploring digital currencies, the US is falling behind. Yet, the desire for American leadership is clear:

  • 53% of Americans want crypto companies to be US-based.
  • 73% of Fortune 500 execs prefer US-based partners for crypto and web3 initiatives.

Crypto is a national priority

The US sat idly by with semiconductor manufacturing, and now 92% of advanced production is located in Taiwan and South Korea. We can't let history repeat itself, and must ensure the US isn't sidelined from the future financial system.

What it means to stand with crypto

By Standing With Crypto you choose to support common sense legislation and elected officials that will:

  • Protect the right of Americans to choose to use crypto
  • Support common-sense legislation that fosters innovation and creates jobs while protecting consumers
  • Enable America to remain the leader in financial services for decades to come, rather than ceding ground to the 83% of G20 members and major financial hubs have made greater progress towards regulatory clarity. We can't afford to get left behind.

Raise your voice: crypto can't wait

Lawmakers listen to their constituents, but right now, they're not hearing from the 52 million crypto community. This silence gives policymakers a free pass to preserve the status quo, and in turn stifle American innovation and its global competitiveness. But the crypto voter is powerful and bipartisan force:


Republican logo

Republicans hold crypto


Democrat logo

Democrats hold crypto


Independents hold crypto

But your voice is crucial. It's not about sending tweets; it's about driving real change. Elected officials need to recognize the crypto community's passion, demands, and readiness to hold them accountable. We can't just be a "squeaky wheel"; we need to roar with unity, ensuring our calls for change are heard and enacted.