It's time to fight to keep crypto in America

Call your congressperson and tell them to vote YES on the FIT21 bill.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Congress is voting on a crucial bipartisan bill that could help crypto take a massive leap forward

  • It won't pass without your help

  • Calling your congressperson is the most effective action you can take


If you care about crypto, it's time to prove it

52 million Americans own crypto. And yet, crypto's future in America remains uncertain. Congress is writing the rules as we speak - but they won't vote YES until they've heard from you.

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Our mission

Stand With Crypto, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, champions for clear, common-sense regulations for the crypto industry. We're mobilizing the 52 million crypto owners in the US - a demographic that is younger (60% Gen-Z and Millennials) and more diverse (41% identify as racial minorities) than the general US population - to unlock crypto's innovation potential and foster greater economic freedom.

Our partners

Stand With Crypto is first and foremost the result of 400,000+ people fighting to keep crypto in America. We’ve also partnered with a number of companies to fight alongside us.

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See how our community is taking a stand to safeguard the future of crypto in America. Donations to Fairshake, a pro-crypto Super PAC, are not included on the leaderboard.

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The future of crypto is in your hands. Here's how you can help.

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Ask your policymakers to be pro-crypto. Here’s where they stand now.