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Greg Pence statements on crypto

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Greg Pence


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Proud to support the CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act and see it pass the House of Representatives! A government-controlled digital currency has no place in a country built on freedom.
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Mike Speedy statements on crypto

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Mike Speedy


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It’s time for our national leaders to get serious about the promising technology and innovations existing in the crypto and blockchain technology space. We must continue to be innovative and forward looking. Read my full statement here: bit.ly/4ajSZlb
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Jeff Raatz has no statements on crypto.

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Jefferson Shreve statements on crypto

Quoted from www.standwithcrypto.org on Apr 5th, 2024

Jefferson Shreve completed the Stand With Crypto Questionnaire and demonstrated support for crypto and digital assets. He emphasized the importance of crypto in driving technological innovation, economic growth, and job creation. Jefferson Shreve supports comprehensive regulatory frameworks that offer clarity and promote responsible innovation.

Somewhat pro-crypto
Quoted from shreveforcongress.com on Mar 15th, 2024

Jefferson Shreve's campaign website highlights a specific focus on the issues page, Make the U.S. a Leader in Digital Innovation. 

"Congress and the Biden Administration have failed to prepare the U.S. for the growing digital economy. I’ll work to provide certainty and stability to the industry through clear and transparent regulation, so cryptocurrency innovation remains anchored on U.S. shores and Hoosiers can invest and transact with confidence.  

I’ll pursue future-oriented, fiscally sound monetary policies, and work to avoid burdensome or unnecessary Security and Exchange Commission regulations concerning cryptocurrencies and other block-chain tools."

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