Tell your representatives to vote YES on Key Vote FIT21

FIT21 is a historic crypto regulatory bill that will protect crypto users in the US. Tell your representatives to vote YES on FIT21.

United States / Minnesota / MN Congressional District 3

MN Congressional District 3

Dean Phillips statements on crypto

Very pro-crypto
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Rep. @deanbphillips candidly sharing his experience as a congressman - “the quiet part out loud.” The audience is loving it and he’s getting laughs. He calls for the USA to be the world leader in web3. #StandWithCrypto
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Very pro-crypto
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Dean Phillips

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We must reduce our massive budget deficits. Standardizing cryptocurrency transactions and closing tax loopholes utilized by America’s wealthiest should be a bipartisan no-brainer. The grip of special, wealthy interests on certain lawmakers is appalling.
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Neutral on crypto
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