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FIT21 is a historic crypto regulatory bill that will protect crypto users in the US. Tell your representatives to vote YES on FIT21.

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Bob Onder

Republican Political Figure from Missouri, 3

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Quoted from on Apr 24th, 2024

Bob Onder completed the Stand With Crypto Questionnaire and demonstrated support for crypto and digital assets. He emphasized the importance of crypto in driving technological innovation, economic growth, and job creation. Bob Onder supports comprehensive regulatory frameworks that offer clarity and promote responsible innovation.

Somewhat pro-crypto
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Bob Onder

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@scottfaughn “There are at least three reasons why liberty-loving Americans should be skeptical about the war against decentralized digital assets.”
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Quoted from on Feb 6th, 2024

Bob Onder OpEd in The Missouri Times:

"Blockchain is decentralized; there’s no person or organization in charge. It is open source so when changes are made, the public can freely access and track them....First, cryptocurrencies allow people to choose a means of exchange outside traditional government-monopoly money."

Very pro-crypto
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